Sunday, May 23, 2010

2PM Craze..

Since watching Hot Blood and Wild Bunny (in the midst), I've becomed a Hottest, i.e. 2PM fan. OMG... I cannot imagine I would ever be an AVID fan of 2PM. I do like them and their songs but not like this.. Now I just love every single thing about them, each and everyone of them.

I even like Jaebum who was their leader and has left the group, sadly.. I hope he returns, just like what all the Hottest wants as well. When I started really noticing 2PM, Jaebum has already left the group. So I really didn't know what's so great about him and didn't care. I even wonder why everyone is so hyped up over his departure. But after watching Hot Blood and starting Wild Bunny, I have to say he has the most talent amongst 2PM boys. No.1 is without a doubt, his dancing, more towards b-boying, but heck, he leaves your jaw hanging! I'm not exaggerating. And I can see the difference of 2PM with and without him. Somehow, 2PM's performance now lacks the thrill and chills and hype that they used to have with Jaebum inserting his sleek amazing dance moves. But I guess now the rest of the 2PM guys have more chance to shine. But still, you can't deny the leadership and charisma that Jaebum exudes, despite being only 1.70m tall (the shortest shortest of them all ;p). Jaebum rocks!

Before noticing each of the 2PM members, I only notices Chansung and Nichkhun. I was more of Chansung's fan coz he looks like Ron Ng! Nichkhun is being noticed coz of his lineage of Thai-Chinese and his boyish cutish look. Only few months back, I was amused by Junsu's beautiful voice. And that's it. I rarely notice Junho and Wooyoung, especially Wooyoung. He was the last member that I could finally recognise. I could even differentiate all Super Junior members before him. Junho isn't that unnoticed coz he is in Let's Go Dream Team! Ya, I love that show! But Wooyoung really.. Taecyeon, aiya I don't even wanna mention him. He used to be ok la to me, no dislike feelings towards him. But he's getting more annoying, always tearing his shirt. What's his prob??? I don't wana see him bod, I don't give a damn of his abs. It's just getting very annoying. Pls stop doing that coz I know I'm not the only one who gets annoyed.

As I watched Hot Blood and Wild Bunny, I grew to like Nichkhun more. And 2AM's Seul Ong! Then all of a sudden when I watch Wild Bunny, the part where Wooyoung got the nickname "Toshio Wooyoung" (Toshio is the child ghost from Ju-On, ok, I'm feeling the chills up my spine now, at 4.30am!!). But omg, his photoshoot that earned him that nickname is not scary, it's funny and in fact, I can't believe I find it cute too! It was only then that I realised what a cutie he is. Super blur, adorable and innocent (or maybe not, haha)! And in the first ep of Wild Bunny, he's so blur and just concentrate on karaoke-ing when Nichkhun and Junsu, Junho were fuming over the disappearence of Jaebum, Chansung and Taec. So cute..

And now, I'm just so into Wooyoung! Wooyoung~ie!!!!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Enjoyable Day... ;)

Today.. Wah.. Sat all the MRT lines.. Green line, purple line, red line.. All sit all.. Went shopping with my cousin at JP, then Summerset.. Then have Korean food there.. Not bad.. Bought myself a pair of slippers and shirt.. Hmm, reward myself abit.. For what reason I also don't know.. For not studying? Hais.. Hopefully I will feel guilty or motivated to study from now onwards.. Zzz, am crapping..

Then go find house with her and her hubby. Went to Hougang - hmm, not a bad place. Peaceful and convenient. Just a bit boring le.

Then go Bedok. Went to see showroom - NICE................. spacious and new.. Well furnished and cosy... Nice nice.. And strategic also.. So many food stalls! Near MRT and childcare centre and market also.. Wah.. Nice.. Almost perfect! I got a liking to that place also.. Hehe, will be going there during weekends when they move in.. My second home in Sg lor..

Then wah that time also late already.. Then go Orchard for Jap dinner - eat til want die.. Damn full.. But very nice... So, how also must finish.. Hehe.. Then, got 10% discount if use any OCBC card. I got NTU Debit Card - hehehe, just applied for in Jan.. Hehe, made my 3rd transaction, wow I signed leh! First time.. Didn't know I would appreciate a "credit card" after being against of having one. Anyway, I onli use if got benefit.. Credit cards are money suckers! Haha.. Cousin give back money - they're so nice.. Feel so warm with them..

Although very tired - carried a bag of clothes that my cousin help me to bring, to everywhere I went today.. Wah, shoulders damn pain.. Ouch... Backache.. And tummy damn full....... Ekekeke.., I really enjoy today.. I seldom go kai kai.. At least today, I "open eye" abit.. Or else really stuck in NTU only.. But really sacrifised study time.. Weekend taken already, then really not much time left.. Not forgetting the buffer time I set for myself - slacking time.. Hais.. I don't know how I'm gonna die for 3 midterms..

All aside (temporarily), today is one enjoyable day! ;)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

In search of motivation..

After such a long absence, I'm back! Why am I writing all of a sudden? In need of releasing... something.. i don't know if it's considered stress or what..

I'm in search of motivation to study in my 2nd Sem in NTU. Yes, only 1st yr, 2nd sem but already lost the motivation. In critical position because I'm still lagging behind in my studies, screwed up my CA's and here I am.. Pondering on my next move, trying to regain the motivation to study, but to no avail..

The only thing that can make me feel temporarily comfortable and relax is music.. Korean music, yes... Currently listening to "Mystery" by Beast, into 2PM and listening particularly to Baek Ji Young's "Don't Forget Me". Recently got very hooked up with that song although was aware of it when chasing the drama Iris. It's only recently that I really feel the emotions in that song. Such a sad song sung by such a great singer who totally poured her emotions in the song. Without the need of understanding the lyrics, you can feel the sadness in the song..
Then, 2AM has new song "Even If I Die, I Can't Let You Go". Another sad song but not so "khek" as Baek Ji Young's. Then, I discovered a song (I don't think it's new) sung by 2AM feat. Chansung from 2PM. Very addictive song.. "To Her".. Chansung's rap is nice! Ya, very into 2PM these days. Love their dance moves - it's awesome! I think they're the one of the best, if not the best dancers in Kpop! Their songs are getting to me too. And wow, didn't realise 4of them are Buddhist - such a rare thing in Korea where most of them are Christians.
Another great song is "Let You Go" by TRAX. Sorry I don't even know what group or person is that singer but nice song..
And this is a little backdated but CNBlue has a great single "I'm A Loner". It gives a new dimension to Kpop. Trust me, nice cool song.
You see.. Without me realising, I've typed so much about Kpop.. Kpop is my life!

Okay, feel better. ;) Time to say "Bye!"

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I've become Welfare for 2x in a week now. From zero experience to being a "pro".. ahem.. hehe.. I have to say I enjoy being Welfare coz I'm delighted to see food;)

Just had a Malaysian Gathering with the theme WARM - We ARe Malaysians. It's a combined event between MSA and AMCISA.
I thought Welfare was quite slack. Ahem, no it isn't. But coz I enjoy doing it, I don't feel it. The event went well I guess.
I played in one of the three games. Crazy running game til I collided with another person at full speed. I don't even know who was that, all I know is my head hurts and my leg as well.
Today I woke up to find my ankle really pain. Lebam-ing I think.

For me, there wasn't much integration and it was so unfortunate that someone lost his laptop in the event. Hope he can find it back as it really hurts to lose such an expensive, precious item..
Anyway ya, Friday night I didn't join the study group, too tired, so ya, didn't study. But it's ok, I need a little break. Saturday (today), I studied but wasn't as well as I hoped.
Nevertheless, I wish to pat myself on the back and say "Good effort!". Lol. I don't know what's up with me. But I don't want myself to get all stressed up and I want to LOVE myself more! ;)
Even bejeweled this morning. Lol.. Sometimes, we have to pamper ourselves. I guess it's not to late to realise this. Hehe..

But I think something actually accounted for my good mood. My Calculus Midterm results were released on Thurs. I got 85. ;) Wasn't entirely satisfied coz when I did the paper, I could do all the questions, so I did wonder where my 15 marks went but of course I didn't expect 100!
But I'm happy coz I expected 80 and above and it is. So, ya, should be contented. For NOW only.
Do you know that over 70 ppl got 90 and above? And the average marks is 71. And the total number of people taking Calculus easily exceeds 300 souls.. Zzzz....
I know I have to work very very hard. And I will. Hopefully, the study mood stays with me for one more month. Just one more month, pls..

I also got to know my Programming results. Expected less than 25% coz I really SUCK at it! I got 8/20, so yeah! Can rejoice! Lol.. Ya, I know it's not even half but what to do, I'm contented coz I really really suck at it.
I'm S/U-ing it, no let me rephrase, I already did! Lol, so less to worry. But of course that doesn't mean I can throw it all behind me. Still have to study..
But I dread studying Programming coz to me, it's a waste of time. I feel that I could utilise the time for my other subjects coz what I gain from revising it is really negligible.. Hais..
Anyway, I'm heading to bed now!

Nights! ;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life is short and unpredictable

Recently I was told that a son of a family friend has cancer just as his dad had.
It's really saddening to hear such a news. More so when the unfortunate is only in his 20's.
It just hit me that life is short and unpredictable.
Cherish the ones you love and love yourself in every aspect.
What others think of you is unimportant. You are who you are.
You are unique, so love yourself to the fullest.

It isn't hard to remind yourself to love yourself but harder to remind yourself to appreciate your loved ones. And that is not restricted to only family members but friends as well.
I for one, need constant reminder.

So, by right I should quit complaining and start living happily. I hope I can do so for that is what my parents would want me to do.
To live life happily..

I hope everyone, from my parents to my family members to my friends and to those who I have yet met, will be healthy and happy..

Nothing is more important than health and happiness..
Strive for happiness and not excellence, for nothing is perfect!